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Increase Your Audio Brand's Awareness

Creating a social media presence is tough. It’s a lot tougher for audio brands. You need to post content regularly. It needs to appeal to audio engineers, producers, and musicians specifically. And most importantly, it needs to be technically correct so you don’t get roasted in the comments section. 

Case Study: Feb 2023 - Sept 2023

Soyuz Microphones

Soyuz Microphones are an upscale brand of handmade microphones. MixBus Marketing managed their entire social media funnel, from media production to user-generated content curation. 


The Results

Average new followers per month

We raised reach on this account by an average of 79.3% per month, year over year. We saw a significant uptick in new followers from July-October when we began releasing new original content weekly and then a sharp decline after our contract ended and new content slowed.


Accounts Reached per Month


New Followers per Month

Average New Followers per Month

The Highlights

Our blueprint for growing Soyuz Microphones' Instagram Presence

Content Designed for Social Media Engagement

We shot and edited this short video of a Leslie cabinet mic’ed up with Soyuz at Belmont’s Curb College of Music. It became the most popular organic (non-boosted) post in the account’s history.

1,500+ Likes

Highest performing organic post in this account's history

Bespoke Content for Events, Holidays, and Pop Culture References

We created these videos and photos to celebrate holidays, reference pop culture, and showcase Soyuz’s participation in industry or reseller events. 

Curated User Generated Content

We coordinated with popular audio industry influencers to commission video and photo content for Soyuz’s channels or gathered existing posts and repurposed them in coordination with the original content creators.