Marketing Strategy and Consulting Packages

A Blueprint for Gear Marketing

With our experience working in top-performing audio companies and our extensive partner network, we’ll use intelligent data and insider knowledge to define your goals and strategy.

Extensive competitor research and target audience definition ensures you have the right content direction to speak to your ideal customer and influence them to make a purchase.

Key Differentiators

Close relationships with Sweetwater, Vintage King, Westlake Pro and most other US audio retailers.

History working with most popular audio influencers on YouTube and Instagram.

Access to the top 1% of producers, engineers, and other sound profressionals.

Experience working in top-performing audio equipment companies.

Step One: Research

We examine your top five competitors and measure their social media, website, and reseller performance. This data tells us what’s working, what’s not, and reveals hidden opportunities. 

We explore your existing customer base and competitor insights to craft 3-5 marketing personas. What do prospective customers desire? What sales points appeal to them? Where do they get their information and make purchases?

Step Two: Sales Funnel Outline

Using the competitor data and marketing personas, we outline your ideal sales funnel. From initial contact with a prospect to closing the sale via online purchase, reseller outlets, or in-person events, we provide a roadmap for acquisition and measuring results with accuracy.

Step Three: Concrete Strategy

With the Sales Funnel, personas, and market research as a blueprint, we craft compelling copywriting and outline potential marketing content and initiatives. 

In this stage, we outline the best way to use your marketing budget effectively — even if you don’t yet have a budget to work from. These proposed activities can range from traditional methods like social media ads or events to guerrilla marketing efforts like strategic partnerships with popular educational institutions, complimentary brands, or influential engineers and producers.

Step Four: Presentation

We present our competitor audit, marketing personas, copywriting, and proposed marketing strategies to your team. This includes a one-to-two hour video call along with a written report.

Step Five: Nurturing

After our presentation we’ll make introductions to appropriate players. Then, we’ll either guide your team through implementing our proposed activities or provide a quote for handling all of the work for you.