Job Listing

Content & Social Media Coordinator

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MixBus Marketing is a creative marketing agency for pro audio brands. We specialize in content creation, social media management, and relationship development. Our retainer clients are among the best in the industry in their respective categories: Soyuz Microphones, Triad-Orbit Advanced Stand Systems, and PMC Speakers. 

We are seeking to add a new member to our team who will help us produce content, execute social media strategies, and increase visibility of our brands.

Job Responsibilities

  • Minor edits to video for posting to social media
  • Minor edits to images
  • Manage video editing process
    • Deliver raw files to editor
    • Provide instructions
    • See edit through in a timely manner
  • Scheduling and posting to social media
    • Scheduling new content
    • Reposting or repurposing existing content from user channels
    • Replying to comments, engaging on complementary accounts
    • Coordinate posting or accepting of Instagram Collaborator posts with our partners
  • Create and manage spreadsheets to track marketing spend
  • Fill monthly marketing reports
  • Ensure special promotions are listed on reseller websites
  • Create and send marketing emails
  • Write blog posts
  • Write YouTube descriptions
  • Apprenticeship of paid social media advertising
  • Manage artist marketing programs
    • Organize, create, and send Artist Marketing Agreements
    • Organize shipments
    • Coordinate posting of content 

Required Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of professional audio recording
    • Environments and workflows
    • Popular brands and equipment 
  • Moderate graphic design ability – able to use Photoshop to resize, crop, add text, and generate simple graphics
  • Basic video editing ability – able to trim, resize, etc.
  • Email Marketing experience (Mailchimp, Drip, Hubspot, etc.) a plus
  • Google Docs, Word, Sheets
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Basic understanding of social media practices
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Proven ability to handle multiple projects and meet deadlines
  • Self-starter – ability to work on projects with general direction and minimal guidance
  • Passion, enthusiasm, focus, creativity, and a positive outlook

Please send your resume and/or portfolio to